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Antimo, a skilled pizza chef from Naples, Italy, moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he worked at Gradi, the city's top pizza restaurant at Crown. He gained recognition by winning awards like second place and a silver medal at the Australia Pizza Championship and first place in Italy winning the world's best pizza fritta.

Driven by his love for pizza, Antimo started his mobile pizza catering business in Melbourne and Adelaide. He became an ambassador for Ooni, a renowned pizza oven brand, specifically using their popular model, the Ooni Koda 16.

Antimo's pizza catering service quickly became known as the best in Melbourne and Adelaide. With his experience and the high-quality wood-fired pizza oven, he delivers delicious and authentic Italian pizzas to various pizza events.

Whether it's private pizza party or corporate gatherings, Antimo's mobile pizza catering brings the true flavours of Naples to every occasion. With his passion and skill, he continues creating unforgettable pizza experiences.
Antimo pizza chef had the privilege of catering for "The Block," Australia's famous television series hosted by Scott Cam, an acclaimed Australian television presenter. His wood-fired mobile pizza delighted the contestants and crew, adding a delicious touch to the show's production lovers across the cities.

Antimo expanded his fleet by introducing the Napoli Pizza Truck to his business. This mobile food truck on wheels features the popular Polito Giotto ovens, known for their beautiful shape, lightness, and bronze colour. With the Napoli Pizza Truck, Antimo now brings his delicious Neapolitan pizza directly to customers, offering an authentic experience with the added beauty of the stunning Giotto ovens.

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