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Welcome to our Pizza Masterclass

where we invite you to unlock your pizza-making skills using the incredible Ooni pizza ovens. With the Ooni Koda 16 and Ooni Karu 16 at your disposal, we'll teach you the art of creating Neapolitan-style pizzas. Get ready to cook pizzas in just 90 seconds, thanks to our wood-fired pizza ovens set at 400 degrees.

Our step-by-step pizza course is super easy to follow. Whether you're new to cooking or a pro, our videos make it simple. You'll learn to make unique pizzas at home without any hassle. No more ordering in – you'll become a pizza pro in no time!

Immerse yourself in the tradition of Neapolitan pizza. Discover the secrets behind its thin, light crust and unreal taste. Learn the importance of quality ingredients, from the perfect dough to fresh and flavorful toppings. Our pizza masterclass will guide you step by step video to achieving the ideal balance of textures and flavours that make Neapolitan pizza so special.

Ready to become a pizza chef yourself?

Join our Pizza Masterclass and begin a hands-on journey to perfect your pizza-making skills.

Learn how to make your own pizza at home with the help of World Champion Pizza Maker: Antimo


or, learn it in-person through our Live Pizza Masterclass.

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