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  • Is there a minimum or maximum number of guests you serve or a minimum spent?
    Yes, there is a minimum spend of $1500 for bookings made for Fridays through Sundays, and $1300 for other days to book us. We can service all events with a variety of offerings.
  • How do I book a reservation?
    You may click visit the homepage and select if you're booking for an event in Melbourne or Adelaide. Deposit of $200 for all events is kindly requested to be made at the time of booking.
  • What if I'm not able to pay the deposit immediately?
    If another person books on the same date and our slots are almost full, we will give the slot to the first person who pays the deposit.
  • How far do you travel and there is any fee?
    We travel everywhere in Victoria with a radius of max 200 km from Melbourne, and in SA Adelaide. Yes, a travel fee applies for events on top of your pizza package.
  • What if it rains?
    We operate rain or shine. However, we do not operate during severe weather warnings, lightnings or extreme winds. Our goal is to make every event successful no matter what. We will reschedule the event if we can not operate.
  • Refunds and Cancellations
    Refunds are not permitted for cancellations made (with less than sixty calendar days prior to the event) due to a change of mind. However, refunds due to emergencies can be made but upon further review and investigation.
  • Policy on alterations
    Alterations to the event details are not permitted on the week of the booked event. You may inform us of the changes (e.g. the location of your event, number of people, pizza package, etc.) 10 days prior to the initial set date.
  • What if there are changes in the number of guests on the day of the event?
    If the number of guests present are less than what you initially told us, unfortunately, we cannot offer you a refund because the ingredients and all have already been paid for. However, if the number of guests are more than what you initially booked for, you can pay for the additional amount on the day of the event.
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