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Regardless of the space that you have, we can cater to your event with our versatile set up, ensuring that we'd be able to give you the best pizza catering service that you deserve.

Pizza Truck


1.5 meters wide, 2.10 meters tall, 3.5 meters long

Our pizza truck serves as our pizza kitchen on wheels. With our mobile pizza oven, we can cook the pizzas on-the-spot, giving you a live pizza-making show in the duration of our pizza catering service. Our pizza oven can be operated through wood or gas. With our pizza truck, we can cater to any event; weddings and engagements, birthdays, corporate, or any other special occasion and give you the best food truck catering with our Neapolitan-style pizzas.


2 meters x 2 meters

Not enough space for our pizza truck? Our marquee set up is the perfect alternative. Whether it's an indoor venue or outdoor, our marquee set up can fit most spaces both indoor and outdoor. We bring the same pizza catering experience as with our pizza truck. This flexible set up allows us to cater to your event needs and bring you the best Neapolitan-style pizzas through our pizza catering.

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