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Antimo Pizza Chef: Brighton Honda's Go-To Caterer

At Antimo Pizza Chef, we believe that every event deserves perfect food, specifically the perfect slice of pizza. That's why we are always excited to cater for Honda! And we did pizza catering for them not just once, but three times already. Our events with Honda was always amazing, and we're excited to share the experience with you!

brighton honda

From the moment we set foot at Honda events, we knew it was going to be another amazing day with them. Everyone gave an exciting and positive vibe. It's not just about serving pizza; it's about creating new memories and connection with the people that we meet. One of the amazing things in every pizza catering that we do for Honda is the opportunity to serve our delicious Napoli-style pizzas to customers looking to buy new cars at Honda. People were having a taste of our freshly-cooked yummy pizzas while envisioning themselves on the road in their dream car from Honda. It's the dream!

pizza honda

Being invited back to do a pizza catering for Honda multiple times shows the trust and satisfaction they have in our pizza catering service. We take pride in being their go-to pizza catering company, ensuring that every slice we serve is filled with fresh, quality ingredients and passion. What makes our pizza catering for Honda truly rewarding is the opportunity to connect with people over pizza. Whether it's discussing the perfect topping combination for pizzas or sharing stories and interests with cars, each conversation adds fun to the event. We believe that good pizza has the power to bring people together.

pizza honda

As we reflect on our pizza catering journey with Honda, we're excited about the future. We look forward to serving more delicious pizzas, creating lasting memories, and continuing to be the preferred pizza catering company for Honda events. With our passion for pizza and dedication to customer satisfaction, we guarantee an experience that's as flavorful as it is memorable.

Thank you, Honda, for choosing Antimo Pizza Chef. Here's to many more pizzas and a lasting partnership with you.


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