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Betty's Burger Head Office celebrates Christmas with Antimo Pizza Chef mobile pizza catering service

Gather 'round, burger and pizza fans! We've got a delicious story for you. Your favorite burger joint in town, Betty's Burger Head Office, celebrated Christmas through a mobile pizza truck, an all you can eat pizza catering service made possible by Antimo Pizza Chef! Amazing, right?

mobile pizza truck

pizza ingredients with mobile pizza truck

The scene is set at The Palms Cremorne – the spacious setup created an inviting space for our mobile pizza truck turning the venue into a pizza haven for the Christmas party of 110 people!

The Christmas party at The Palms Cremorne for Betty's Burgers Head Office was a flavorful pizza event that left a lasting impression on all the guests. The Mamma package, which features a buffalo cheese antipasto platter, and freshly baked garlic focaccia, was a huge hit and contributed to the festive atmosphere.

Here's the most joyful part of the event – the made-to-order experience! Our very dedicated pizza chefs do not only craft generic pizzas, but pizzas with generous toppings, crispy crust with a soft inside, and of course, the authentic Italian pizza taste, and Italian pasta taste, bringing Italy to Australia through our mobile pizza catering services.

Check out these pizza creations crafted on the spot through our mobile pizza truck!

margherita pizza

As guests from Betty's Burger Head Office entered the venue, they could immediately smell the scent of freshly-baked pizza, catered to every pizza craving. Laughters echoed, stories conversations flowed, and every pizza slice became a lasting flavorful memory to everyone. The interactive mobile pizza-making turned strangers into friends and friends into family.

mobile pizza truck

The guests from Betty's Burger Head Office definitely had a delightful time with Antimo Pizza Chef's wide array of pizza selections, of course, made by our finest mobile pizza chefs live in action.

Our mobile pizza catering service is more than just us serving your pizza cravings; it's a different level of experience from eating our pizza slice, to creating memories that taste as good as they sound, making your holidays extra flavorful and memorable!

At the end of the day, Betty's Burger Head Office did not simply throw a party. It was definitely a meaningful Christmas memory and experience to their attendees, and to us, the Antimo Pizza Chef team with our mobile pizza truck and mobile pizza catering service.


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