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Forza Napoli: Celebrating Nello's 40th Birthday with Authentic Italian Pizza Catering

When we did a pizza catering for Nello's 40th Birthday, it felt like we were back in Naples. Each of the guests were from Naples! Nello, a proud Neapolitan, reached out to us for his 40th Birthday. He knew our reputation for making authentic Napoli-style pizzas that brings Italy to Melbourne. As fellow Neapolitans, we were so happy to bring a slice of Italy to his birthday through our pizza catering.

napoli pizza

Everyone was so energetic and excited. It felt like a reunion of friends who were all from Naples. With Neapolitan-style pizzas being served, the atmosphere was nothing short of amazing. We even made Salsiccia and Friarielli pizza, classic pizza of Naples. Everyone loved it, as it was as if they were taken back to our hometown. They were so happy with the pizza catering.

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What made the evening truly memorable was the genuine connection we had with our guests. As they each had a bite of our pizzas, they couldn't resist asking about our pizza catering service for their own future gatherings. Our business cards were in almost everyone's hands. We're glad that they liked our pizza catering, that they're keen to booking us for their next event.


For Antimo Pizza Chef, pizza catering isn't just about being able to serve food; it's about creating moments of happiness and connection. Our dedication to authenticity and quality can be tasted in every slice of pizza we serve, reminding us of Napoli and the passion to bring a taste of Italy in every pizza catering that we do.

So, if you're craving a taste of Naples or want to elevate your next event with authentic Italian pizza, whether it's a birthday, wedding, engagement party, corporate event, or any other special occasion to celebrate; count us in! Let's bring the taste of Italy to your event, through our pizza catering service.


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