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One-Tastic Pizza Party: Alexia's First Birthday Celebration

Every parent dreams of giving their child the perfect birthday party, filled with laughter, happiness, and delicious food. Antimo Pizza Chef recently had the honor of being hired for the pizza catering of Alexia's 1st birthday celebration at the beautiful Hobsons Bay Farm in Melbourne. From the moment we arrived with our mobile pizza truck, the place was filled with excitement and fun!

mobile pizza truck

Hobson Bay Farm

The venue, Hobsons Bay Farm, was the perfect place for such a memorable day. Families, and especially kids, gathered under the clear skies, surrounded by the cute little animals. Our mobile pizza truck blended perfectly in the venue, along with our pizza chefs, filling the air with the yummy smell of freshly-cooked pizzas. It was such a perfect day especially with the weather and vibe that everyone gave.


What truly made this celebration special was the warmth and kindness of everyone present. The parents were so happy as they watched their little ones play and giggle with the animals, creating precious memories. Our team at Antimo Pizza Chef felt privileged to contribute to this heartwarming celebration, ensuring that every guest had a delightful pizza catering experience.


As the pizzas were served hot and fresh from our mobile pizza truck, everyone instantly loved them. The guests were so happy with our variety of pizza flavors, all freshly prepared on-site. Our commitment to quality ingredients and authentic Italian flavors are proven through every bite of our pizzas. Families, adults and children, gathered around our pizza truck, tasting each flavor slice after slice, and sharing stories, creating a connection through food. We were so happy that many guests from this event expressed their interest in booking our mobile pizza catering for their upcoming events, amazed by the pizza catering service they experienced first-hand.

Chantelle Catena

Alexia is lucky to have such loving and dedicated parents that were eager to make her 1st birthday party unforgettable. Antimo Pizza Chef is honored to be part of such special occasions, making sure everyone gets the best pizza catering service that they deserve. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or corporate event, our mobile pizza truck is ready to serve tasty Italian pizzas and make every event memorable.


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