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Pizza, Pasta, Antipasto: Antimo's Pizza Catering at Portsea

Imagine a sunny day by the pool, surrounded by your friends, and having delicious food and all fun. That's exactly what happened last Saturday to 11 beautiful girls. We had the pleasure of bring our pizza catering for them at a stunning villa in Portsea. We were so happy that despite the small number, they went with booking our pizza catering service for their special celebration!

Antimo Pizza Chef
Antimo Pizza Chef

The girls chose to rent a villa in Portsea, a dreamy spot with a sparkling swimming pool and a beautiful deck overlooking the greeneries. It was the ideal place for a day of relaxation and fun. Our director and pizza chef himself, Antimo, personally did the pizza catering service and put on a show like no other. He serenaded the girls with Italian songs, adding fun. But that wasn't all - Antimo showcased his skills by making delicious pizzas, pasta, salad, and antipasto. Antimo Pizza Chef takes pride in catering to our customers' dietary requirements, and this event was no exception. We ensured that everyone, including those with gluten restrictions, could enjoy our pizzas without any worries.

pizza napoletana

As the smell of freshly-cooked hot pizzas filled the air, the girls couldn't resist joining in the fun. They started dancing and singing along with Antimo, creating fun and happy memories that would last a lifetime. It was a celebration of lasting bonds and friendship, bonded by good foods, especially good pizzas. Our pizza catering menu features a variety of Italian cuisine staples to choose from, and we're so happy that everything in our menu was a fit for their taste buds. From the classic napoletana pizza, to the creamy cheese wheel pasta, antipasto and refreshing salads, every bite was a burst of flavor. Of course, the star of the pizza catering was our pizzas. The girls raved about how delicious they were, declaring them the best they had ever tasted! As the catering came to an end, the girls expressed their gratitude for such a wonderful pizza catering experience.

nutella pizza

They thanked us for not just serving good food but for creating a memorable and fun atmosphere along with our pizza catering. Catering for this group of beautiful girls was truly a highlight for us. The combination of pizza, pasta, antipasto, salad, lively entertainment with singing and dancing, and a beautiful place made it a day to remember. We look forward to creating more unforgettable moments with our pizza catering service, ensuring that every event is filled with joy, laughter, and delicious pizzas, no matter where you are (in VIC Melbourne and SA Adelaide as of now), and no matter how many you are.


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