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Say Hello to Ooni's Newest Stars - The Volt 12 and Karu 12 G Pizza Ovens!

Hello pizza enthusiasts! Today, we are excited to share a thrilling chapter from our pizza catering journey that brought us all the way to Sydney, Australia. Recently, we were honoured to be invited by Ooni Australia to witness the grand launch of their new pizza ovens - the Ooni Volt and Ooni Karu 12 G.

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The event was a massive success, with Instagram influencers, journalists, culinary enthusiasts and our goods supplier bruno fine foods coming together to experience the magic of these new ovens. And guess what? We even enjoyed making pizzas alongside the talented MasterChef Winner 2021, Justin Narayan during a memorable pizza masterclass! So, let's dive into this unforgettable adventure filled with pizza class, happy faces, and the art of mobile pizza catering with Ooni Ovens

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Imagine our excitement when we received a golden invitation from Ooni Australia to join them for the launch of the much-anticipated Ooni Volt and Ooni Karu 12 G in the vibrant city of Sydney. As pizza fans, this was a dream come true! The Ooni Volt, being the first electric oven by Ooni, had us intrigued and I was so curious to explore its innovative features. Meanwhile, the Ooni Karu 12 G promised exceptional versatility, making it the ideal choice for home use and mobile pizza catering events.

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The day of the launch finally arrived, and our team, along with a host of pizza enthusiasts and influencers awaited the grand reveal. As the curtains lifted, we were greeted with the sleek and stylish design of the Ooni Volt. It was love at first sight! The Ooni Volt's portability and ability to be used in various settings captured our hearts instantly. This oven was a game-changer for our mobile pizza catering and for our pizza masterclass, allowing us to serve delicious pizzas in any location like apartments and indoor spaces.

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But the surprises didn't end there! The Ooni Karu 12 G was showcased next, and we were in awe of its versatility. With the option to use wood, charcoal, or gas, this oven ensured that we had the freedom to experiment with different cooking methods while maintaining that authentic wood-fired flavour. Our minds were jammed with endless possibilities for our pizza catering events.

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As the event unfolded, we were delighted to lead an exclusive pizza masterclass. The excitement was amplified by none other than the talented Justin Narayan, MasterChef Winner 2021, who joined us to create amazing tasty pizzas. Together, we shared our passion for cooking and pizza-making, unveiling the art of crafting the perfect dough, selecting the finest ingredients, and mastering the art of pizza.

The guests were overjoyed to participate in the hands-on pizza-making session with Justin and us. Everyone embraced the opportunity to create their own pizza using the Ooni Volt and Ooni Karu 12 G. The kitchen was filled with laughter, floury hands, and the wonderful aroma of freshly baked pizzas.

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As the day came to an end, our hearts were full of gratitude and happiness. Witnessing the joy on the faces of our guests as they experienced the new Ooni ovens was truly rewarding. The Ooni Volt, with its electric charm and endless possibilities, received a resounding thumbs-up, while the Ooni Karu 12 G stole the spotlight with its impressive adaptability.

We returned from Sydney with amazing memories and newfound inspiration. The Ooni Volt and Ooni Karu 12 G have become another addition to our mobile pizza catering events, allowing us to bring authentic wood-fired pizza to various occasions, from apartments to big open space.

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The experience of being part of Ooni Australia's grand launch in Sydney was nothing short of extraordinary. Witnessing the unveiling of the Ooni Volt and Ooni Karu 12 G, sharing our knowledge during the pizza masterclass, and having the privilege to make pizzas alongside the talented Justin – was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

With the Ooni Volt and Ooni Karu 12 G by our side, our mobile pizza have reached new heights. These innovative ovens have brought versatility and convenience to our pizza-making process, ensuring that every slice we serve is infused with love and passion.

If you're looking to elevate your next event with tasty pizzas, look no further than our pizza catering with Ooni ovens. Let's come together and celebrate the magic of pizza!

Remember to check out our website for updates and upcoming events, and until then, happy pizza making!

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