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Anthony Mancini throws a Pizza Party for his daughter's first birthday 🥳

Here's a little slice of story for y'all: Hazel, the cutest little one in town, had her first birthday celebration last weekend, and guess what? It was a pizza party on wheels through of our mobile pizza truck made possible by our pizza catering service, all thanks to her awesome dad, Anthony Mancini, from Mancini Made!

pizza truck

Anthony Mancini with pizza

Mancini Made is partly owned by Anthony Mancini. They usually design and build really cool buildings. But this time, he decided to take a little detour and throw a pizza party through a mobile pizza truck – because who doesn't love pizza, right? Anthony, being the cool dad he is, thought, "why not make Hazel's day special with pizza?" So, there you have it – a pizza party through a mobile pizza truck for a one-year-old.

event design

We know it's a little unconventional to have a pizza catering service for the birthday party of a one-year-old, but it turned out to be the best idea ever! The pizzas at Hazel's birthday party – hot, cheesy, and loaded with all sorts of tasty toppings, were a total hit! Hazel's uncle, Leonardo, helped us in bringing the cooked pizzas inside the venue from our mobile pizza truck, but it didn't last long – it kept on disappearing fast into the guests tummies. People wanted more and more of it, good thing it was an unlimited pizza party, right?

The pizzas being cooked in our mobile pizza truck was a real crowd-pleaser. The guests kept going outside to watch us make the pizzas in our mobile pizza truck. They were so amazed with our pizza catering service. The guests couldn't stop saying nice things about the pizza party. They liked how we cooked our pizza in a mobile pizza truck and our pizza catering service so much that they wanted to know how to get in on the fun for their own parties! (ehem, book us on our website). Antimo Pizza Chef, would be more than willing to discuss the plans for your pizza party!


It was like having a mini pizza kitchen in Hazel's party. The smell of the pizza was so good – you could almost taste the cheesy goodness in the air. People couldn't resist gathering around the mobile pizza truck, while the Antimo Pizza Chef team create these amazing pizzas – whether it had meat or veggies as its toppings. It turned into a little pizza-making show, and everyone was amazed by it. No wonder the pizzas from the mobile pizza truck kept on disappearing straight into the guests hungry tummies.

Turning one is a milestone for every person. Hazel's pizza party wasn't a typical birthday celebration; Anthony Mancini, by adding a touch of fun and flavor into his daughter's first birthday, together with Antimo Pizza Chef with our pizza catering service through our mobile pizza truck, created a memorable day not only because of the delicious pizzas but also because of the shared laughter, pizza catering experience, and warmth of everyone present in Hazel's party that completed the celebration.


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