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Celebrating with Celebrities: Antimo Pizza Chef's Pizza Catering for Scarlet Vas and Tayo Ricci

We recently had the incredible opportunity to bring our pizza truck for Scarlet Vas and Tayo Ricci's event, and it's such an amazing one! Scarlet Vas is a well-known actress, and Tayo Ricci is her husband, a popular figure in social media. This event was one of the most amazing pizza catering we have ever done, and we are excited to share our experience with you!

Scarlet Vas and Tayo Ricci

The weather was pleasant, and from the moment we arrived, we knew it was going to be special. Our pizza truck fit perfectly into the setup, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. Scarlet and Tayo had chosen the pizza and cheese wheel pasta package from Antimo Pizza Chef, which was a hit from the start. The crowd was mostly Italian, adding to the lively and authentic vibe of the party.

Cheese Wheel Pasta

Antimo Pizza Chef team ensured that there would be little to no waiting time for the guests, so we had a pizza chef and a pasta chef. One was preparing the cheese wheel pasta and the other was making the pizzas, both with skill and enthusiasm. The cheese wheel pasta was a showstopper. We rolled the hot pasta in a giant wheel of cheese, creating a creamy and delicious food that had everyone eagerly waiting for a taste. The smell alone was enough to make you want to try it! On the other side of our pizza truck, pizzas were being made to perfection. Our pizza oven gave each pizza a perfect, crispy crust, and the fresh toppings made each bite filled with flavor. The combination of cheese wheel pasta and our amazing pizzas was a match made in heaven. One of the highlights of the night was when we started singing with Tayo's mom. She joined in with us, and soon, everyone was singing and dancing along.

Throughout the night, we received countless compliments on our food. Guests were happy with the taste and quality of our pizza and our cheese wheel pasta. They kept coming back for more, and it was clear that our pizza catering was a big hit. Scarlet and Tayo were incredibly gracious hosts, and their guests were some of the nicest people we have ever served.

Antimo Pizza Chef

Scarlet Vas

The night was a huge success, and it was all thanks to the wonderful people we had the pleasure of serving. Scarlet Vas and Tayo Ricci, along with their friends and family, made the event unforgettable. We can't wait to do more events like this and bring our pizza truck to more celebrations and give the best pizza catering experience to our customers. Catering for Scarlet Vas and Tayo Ricci was an amazing experience. Our pizza truck fit perfectly into the setup, the atmosphere was lively and filled with music and fun, and the foods were a huge hit. We love being part of such a special occasion and can't wait to bring our pizza truck, and do pizza catering to more celebrations in the future.


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