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From Oven to Office: Pizza Catering for Texco Construction's New Office

What a night it was last friday! Texco Construction, a renowned name in the industry, decided to celebrate the opening of their new warehouse office in style. That's where Antimo Pizza Chef came in with our pizza and arancini package, ready to whip a lot of pizzas for 100 people for 4 hours!


With the event taking place on the 2nd-floor balcony of their office. Now, you might wonder how we managed to set up our pizza kitchen on a balcony. Well, we have our versatile marquee setup. When space is limited or the venue doesn't allow for our pizza truck, we bring out the marquee! It's like a mini pizza kitchen on wheels, perfect for making our famous pizzas anywhere, even in office spaces!

ooni pizza oven

The whole atmosphere was amazing, with music that you can hear across the room, and glasses clinking as guests enjoyed the evening. Our pizzas, made with fresh, quality ingredients, were a hit among the crowd. With our wide pizza menu, there was something for everyone's palate. And let's not forget one of the staples, the arancini balls, crispy on the outside and bursting with flavor on the inside. What sets our pizza catering service apart is our ability to adapt to any venue. Whether it's an outdoor event or a cozy office balcony, we make sure that the pizza experience is the best, as that is what everyone deserves. Our pizza catering service with our marquee setup is no different than with our mobile pizza truck, just the set up.

Texco Construction

We believe that good food, especially good pizza brings people together, and seeing smiles on our customers' faces is what drives us to keep doing what we do. So, if you're planning an event and want to elevate it with delicious pizza catering, look no further. Antimo Pizza Chef is ready to give you the best pizza catering service experience in Melbourne and Adelaide, that will leave your guests raving.

The pizza catering event at Texco Construction was not just about pizza; it's about creating lasting memories one pizza at a time. Cheers to more pizza adventures, and cheers to Texco Construction!


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