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Pizza and Power Tools: Pizza Catering for Hilti Australia at The Timber Yard

When Hilti Australia decided to do their tool-testing at The Timber Yard, they wanted more than just business talks and tool testing. That's where Antimo Pizza Chef came in, ready to add some flavor to their day! And this is not our typical pizza catering service; Hilti decided to turn their corporate event at The Timber Yard into a big one – not just with tools but with time too! What was initially our usual 2-hour pizza catering service was turned into a 3-hour stop for our mobile pizza truck that left everyone craving for more pizza!

mobile pizza truck

As the day rolled on, Hilti's crew weren't just into testing tools – they were also hungry for some tasty distraction. Our mobile pizza truck became their go-to spot for a break from all the serious business. The smell of our hot pizzas freshly out of our mobile pizza oven made them hungry for some pizzas! The pizzas at Antimo Pizza Chef, made with the best ingredients and baked just right, stole the show. From classic Margheritas to flavorful combos, there was something for every pizza craving. The hot pizzas drew the Hilti's tool-testing team back to our mobile pizza truck for more, round after round.

Highlight of the day? Crafting Nutella pizzas for the Hilti tool-testing team, of course! When the craving for something sweet hit, Antimo Pizza Chef answered with warm Nutella goodness on our signature pizza crust crafted from our mobile pizza truck. It was like a sweet surprise that left everyone smiling and satisfied from our pizza catering service.

nutella pizza

After a while, our mobile pizza truck, discovered a neighbor – Cornutopia Australia, the masters of Mexican tacos! The tasty taco smell mixed with the smell of the freshly-cooked pizzas from the mobile pizza truck of Antimo Pizza Chef , created an extraordinary vibe. It was like a mini-carnival of flavors from Mexico and Italy right there at The Timber Yard. Hilti Australia really went extra for their corporate event – inviting a pizza catering service and a Mexican food truck for their tool-testing team!


As the 3-hour pizza catering service came to and end, and the business side of things wrapped up at The Timber Yard, Antimo Pizza Chef looked back at a day well-spent. The smiles on the faces, the chill vibes with Cornutopia, and the joy in the faces of the tool-testing team of Hilti after every bite of our pizzas made it more than just a pizza catering gig.

In the end, it wasn't just about feeding hungry guests – it was about creating an experience with our mobile pizza truck. From being a corporate event, Antimo Pizza Chef turned it into a pizza party, proving that even in the world of technological tools and business talks, there's always room for a slice of joy. Packing up our mobile pizza truck, we left The Timber Yard with hearts full of joy of having brought some extra flavor to Hilti Australia's event through our pizza catering service.

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