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Pizza-filled Birthday Party by the Pool with our Marquee Set Up 🥳

Oh how much we love pool parties in this heat! Antimo Pizza Chef was recently in a backyard filled with laughter and splashes. We had the pleasure of doing a pizza catering service to a special birthday celebration for twins by the pool. It was a pool pizza party that turned into an unforgettable celebration filled with flavors and fun!

pool party

It was a sunny day, with a big pool, colorful balloons, and an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet station set up. As families and friends gathered around, the smell of freshly-baked pizza filled the air, creating a craving for pizza that you could not resist. The twins were so happy and excited to celebrate with all their friends and family. They were excited to have their favorite pizzas with cheese, meat, and more. But what made the party really cool was that everyone could enjoy tasty pizza together outside, right by the pool. Antimo Pizza Chef loves doing a pizza catering service for families like them. They were all very nice and amazing!

People loved the pizza so much that they kept coming back for more! Kids and grown-ups enjoyed the delicious slices of pizza with lots of cheese and toppings. We made sure everyone will have a full tummy in the span of our pizza catering. The party was filled with a lot of pizza, laughter, music, and splashes in the pool. Parents relaxed and enjoyed the sun while their kids had a blast at the waterslide.


One of the highlights of our pizza catering service is our trusted OONI portable oven, which comes with our marquee setup. This ensures that we can bring the authentic taste of Italian pizzas to any venue, even when our pizza truck cannot fit the space. The portability of the oven allows us to set up a pizza station right where everyone is, even if it's by a pool!

We felt really happy to be part of such a fun celebration. The twins' birthday was not just about pizza and pool fun; it was about making happy memories with loved ones over delicious food, and in this case, with our pizzas. In the end, it was the combination of the perfect Italian pizzas made in our portable pizza oven and the wonderful vibe that made this poolside party a success. We're grateful to have been part of such a special occasion and look forward to making more events more pizza-filled, wherever you are!


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