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Prescription for Happiness: Pizza Catering for CHS Healthcare

CHS Healthcare is known for providing various services, and prescribing the best equipment to use for your healthcare. But this time, the prescriber was the one to receive a prescription. Antimo Pizza Chef prescribed them a little treat for happiness, which is not a disease btw, but still contagious, if you know what we mean, with a pizza truck.

pizza truck


Last Friday was a day filled with mouthwatering pizza that left everyone wanting more. As Antimo Pizza Chef arrived at the CHS Healthcare warehouse, our mobile pizza truck was a show-stealer. The team at CHS Healthcare couldn't believe their eyes – a rolling pizza kitchen through a pizza truck right at their warehouse! They were all excited to see what tasty pizzas we have in store for them.

pizza making

Our skilled pizza chef wasted no time getting to work, firing up the pizza oven mounted in our mobile pizza truck and prepping our signature pizza dough. The mouthwatering smell of freshly-baked pizza filled the air, inviting everyone for this tasty treat, from classic favorites like Garlic Cheese Pizza to meaty ones like Diavola, our pizza menu had something for everyone in every pizza catering service we do.


But it wasn't just the variety of pizza that impressed our guests; it was the quality and care put into each and every slice of pizza. As the cooked pizzas were brought out from the mobile pizza truck, piping hot and perfectly golden, the CHS Healthcare team couldn't wait to dig in. With each bite of the pizza, it was like they were in pizza paradise – the crispy pizza crusts, the gooey cheese, and the burst of flavor from fresh pizza toppings were simply unmatched. Our pizza catering service offers Arancini balls as well – the crunchy coating, the soft and creamy center with all the yummy flavors from the filling, makes it really tasty. Whether they're hot and fresh or cooled down a bit, they always taste amazing!

arancini balls

But what truly warmed our hearts was the reaction from the CHS Healthcare team. Their smile as they each had a bite of the pizza shows the joy and satisfaction the pizza catering service that Antimo Pizza Chef brought upon them. As the day drew to a close we were overwhelmed by the praise and gratitude from our satisfied customers. The CHS Healthcare team couldn't stop talking about the experience, promising to book our pizza catering service for their next event without hesitation. And as we packed up our pizza truck and said our goodbyes, we knew that this was just the beginning of a beautiful partnership. With CHS Healthcare by our side, the possibilities were endless, and we couldn't wait to embark on future pizza adventures together.

pizza truck

So here's to CHS Healthcare, to good food, great pizza and to unforgettable moments shared with good company. Our pizza catering service is always one email away. Until next time, pizza lovers. We'll be ready and waiting to serve up another slice of happiness with our mobile pizza truck!


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