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The Ultimate Pizza Machine: Antimo Pizza Chef x BMW Glen Waverley

BMW is known for its sleek cars, but they know how to throw an awesome event too! For two whole days, and 3 hours each, the BMW Glen Waverley team invited us to bring our pizza catering to their place. They always call Antimo Pizza Chef when they want to make their events extra fun and tasty with our pizzas!

pizza truck
mushroom pizza

The vibe at the event was insane, in a good way! It was a place filled with excitement, and everyone craving more of our mushroom pizza. Yup, that's exactly how it was. People couldn't get enough of our pizza napoletana! Throughout the event, we made sure that everyone knew about our awesome pizza catering service. We wanted to show BMW Glen Waverley and all their guests that we're not just about making pizzas; we're about creating unforgettable pizza catering experiences! And there must be a good reason why they keep hiring us to do pizza catering for their events.

It's rare to see the boss doing the job himself, but that's not the case for Antimo Pizza Chef. Antimo personally does some of the events, and this is one of it. He's like the superstar of our pizza. At this event, he totally stole the show! People were loving seeing him sing and make delicious pizzas at the same time. It was like watching a pizza maestro in action. And guess what? Antimo was showered with compliments! Everyone couldn't stop raving about how yummy his pizzas were. People were even asking him for business cards left and right. It was pretty clear that they wanted a taste of our pizza catering again in the future.

mushroom pizza

We set up our pizza truck right inside BMW Glen Waverley's showroom, making it easy for everyone to grab a slice of pizza whenever they wanted as they scan the cars. People just couldn't resist the smell of freshly-cooked pizzas, especially the mushroom pizza. People were laughing, chatting, and enjoying every bite of our pizzas. We even had some guests asking if we could bring our pizza catering to their upcoming events too. That's how much they loved our pizza catering service! BMW Glen Waverley's two-day pizza party was a huge hit, as it always is. Antimo Pizza Chef will continue providing an exceptional pizza catering service not just for them, but to all our customers' events.


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