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Bringing a taste of Italy to Australia through a Christening Pizza Party in Melbourne

Who says a pizza party is only for birthday or wedding celebrations? Guess what? A pizza catering service is also a good choice for a Christening! Antimo Pizza Chef recently had the awesome chance to cater a christening, and you won't believe this; most of the guests were Italian! They chose Antimo Pizza Chef, an authentic Italian pizza catering service, to bring a taste of Italy to Australia. In just two hours, Antimo Pizza Chef cooked up more than 150 tasty pizzas. But here's the fun part – the event was on the second floor next to a swimming pool, and our mobile pizza truck was parked downstairs. Sounds crazy, right? Let's read into the details!

mobile pizza truck

pizzas in a mobile pizza oven

Our mobile pizza truck parked in a car park downstairs was ready to serve up tasty pizzas. But the celebration was on the second floor, right by a cool swimming pool. To make things work, Antimo Pizza Chef turned the car park into a rolling pizza kitchen through our mobile pizza truck. Luckily, we had two lovely ladies helping us carry the freshly-cooked pizzas up to the second floor.

lovely lady carrying the pizza

Despite the distance between our mobile pizza truck and the party upstairs, the delicious smell of freshly-cooked hot pizzas invited the guests downstairs. They got curious with how Antimo Pizza Chef cooks the pizza in a mobile pizza truck. The guests gathered around to watch our pizza experts doing their thing – stretching dough, adding fresh toppings, and working those wood-fired pizza ovens.


What made the day even better? The yummy pizzas! Antimo Pizza Chef used authentic Italian ingredients in our pizzas to create a taste of Naples right in Melbourne. Antimo Pizza Chef not only cook Napoli-style pizzas, but we also bring the Italian vibe in our pizza catering service by playing Italian music! And this got everyone in Gia's Christening Celebration singing along. It was like a mini Italy in Australia!

Despite the challenges in this pizza catering gig, it was a fantastic event. The guests, and the Antimo Pizza Chef team all shared a special moment – enjoying good-tasting pizza, laughter, and the joy of being together. In the end, this christening was more than just a pizza party. It was a memory we'll truly treasure with lots of laughs, good music, and, of course, amazing pizza. We packed up our mobile pizza truck feeling grateful for the chance to share a slice of Italy through our pizza catering service.

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